McGill Electron Microprobe Laboratory 

Software of Interest to JEOL 8900 Operators

This software is offered as a service to the microanalysis community. No guarantee as to its suitability is offered or implied. Most of these programs are used on a routine basis in this lab, but bugs still exist, so you should use them with caution. If you have, bug reports, questions, or suggestions for improvement I would be glad to hear from you. I can be contacted at

The programs listed on this page are shareware or freeware programs available on the web which I have found useful. In the case of software with its own web site, clicking on the link will direct you to that web site

PC Software

Image Tool

A full featured windows 95 image processing package which performs all the common image processing functions. Best of all its free

Scion Image PC

A Windows 95 version of the widely used Mac program NIH Image by Wayne Rasbad. Currently in beta release.



A simple program to help find peak overlaps in WDS analytical setups. Written by Chuck Harrington



A good Monte Carlo Program


A very flexible thin film analysis program written by Richard Waldo at Gm

UNIX Software


XV 3.10

A good all-round graphics viewing program


An excellent X editor


For your users who can't handle the standard HP calculator