6. Preparing Summaries of Analytical Data

  1. Open the Summary program ( Process Quantitative Analysis Summary).
  2. Select your group and sample from the SAMPLE menu.
  3. Select the analyses you want to summarize:
    1. If you want to summarize all the analyses go to Step 4.
    2. Click the Clear All button.
    3. Click the Some button.
    4. Fill in the appropriate values in the From and To boxes.
    5. Click Select and then Close.
  4. Determine the type of summary you would like. The following four types comprise the minimum data set you should have for all analytical runs. If you need another type or format of summary discuss it with lab personnel.
    1. Normal - This summary produces a file containing all the information on the normal printout. You should use this type of summary if you did not print out your results.
    2. Standard - This summarizes all the standard conditions used for the analyses. This information is important in the event that there is a problem with the analyses.
    3. Row + Spreadsheet - This is the most useful format for actually working with the results of the analyses. Each row is one analysis, with the elements arranged in columns. The comments are appended to the end of the row. This summary is imported easily into most spreadsheet programs.
    4. Column + Data and Average. This format is useful for printing out the analyses as it is the most compact summary available. Unfortunately the comments are not included in the summary.
  5. Click the Type Out button. A text window containing the summary will appear.
  6. When the data stops scrolling click the Save button.
    1. In the Directories box click the two dots ( .. ), this will climb the directory tree one level and allow you to save files in your group directory.
    2. Type a name for the summary to be saved under. It is recommended that related groups of summaries be given similar names in order to facilitate data transfer by mail or FTP. In order to allow periodic deletion of summary files the following name extensions are strongly recommended.
      1. Spreadsheet type - *.exc
      2. Column + Data and Average - *.col
      3. Standard - *.std
      4. Normal - *.ful
    3. Click the OK button
  7. Close the listing window and prepare the next summary .
  8. These summary files can then be downloaded using FTP or mailed using the probemail program. See lab staff for details.