5. Serial Auto Analyses

Serial Analysis is used to string together multiple sets of analyses with different setups, for example, garnets and biotite, or to run two types of analyses (e.g. quantitative and mapping). It is important to get the proper conditions loaded, otherwise none of the analyses will be done properly.

  1. Open the Serial Analysis program ( Analysis Serial Analysis).
  2. Select the proper serial directory (File Open Serial Dir). If you don't already have a serial directory, press the New button to create one.
  3. Clear the previous conditions. (Condition Delete All )
  4. Press the Input button.
  5. For each set of analyses you want to run, do the following:
    1. Select the type of measurement you want to make (Quali, Line, Map, Quant or Quali)
    2. Select the Group/Sample
    3. Press the Condition Load Button
    4. Select From Stored Condition file and pick the proper condition file
    5. Press the Check button and verify that the conditions are correct.
    6. Press the OK button
    7. Press the Apply button
    8. If you want to set up another set of analyses, click the down arrow in the top right of the window. If not click close
  6. Start the analyses. (Measurement Preset) Verify that all your analyses will be done and that there is enough disk space left. Press the Acquire button.
  7. Watch at least one analyses to ensure that everything is set up properly. Do the shutdown procedure for running overnight.